Following your study of this chapter, you should be able to:
  • follow the discussion in the text on the discovery of x-rays
  • derive the ratio of electron's charge to mass, e/m
  • understand the interaction of forces in Milikan's oil drop experiment
  • state the difference between Balmer's and Rydberg's equations
  • use the equations of Balmer and Rydberg to determine wavelengths
  • cite evidence of quantization in experiments and in nature
  • note two important observations of a blackbody curve
  • calculate wavlengths of maximum intensity using Wien's displacement law
  • calculate power emitted if give the temperature using the Stefan-Boltzmann law
  • show that Planck's radiation law avoids the ultraviolet catastrophe
  • know five experimental facts aboutthe photoelectric effect
  • write down the equation for the energy quantum of a photon
  • relate the Duane-Hunt rule to the conservation of energy
  • explain the Compton effect and know the equation
  • apply the rules governing pair production and annihilation