• Schrödinger Equation Concepts: This is a great site for you to refresh the basic assumptions and concepts behind the Schrodinger equation.
  • Probability Illustrator: Here you can see the relationship between the wave function and probability. Sketch a wave function and the program will graph the corresponding probability.
  • Wave Function Sketcher: This wave function sketching program provides a way for students to sketch on the computer stationary state wave functions for any potential in which they are interested.
  • Quantum Physics Online: A fantastic website where you will find dozens of applets covering the following areas:
    • Wave mechanics
    • Quantization in one dimension
    • Quantum superposition in one dimension
    • Quantum superposition in two dimensions
    • Quantization in three dimensions
    • Spin 1/2
    This an excellent site that will give you practice manipulating different variables (i.e. energy, potential, quantum numbers n, l, m & s, etc.) and see the effect they have on a quantum state. It is strongly recommended that you take advantage of this site.
  • Infinite Square-Well Potential: Finds energy levels and wave functions.
  • Finite Square-Well Potentials
  • Single Particle in a One-Dimensional Bound State: Works for a variety of potentials including infinite well, finite well, harmonic oscillator, and others.