• Michelson-Morley: This is a good diagram of the setup of the famous experiment.
  • Minkowski Space: Use this applet to study rotational, Galilean and Lorentz transformations.
  • Practice with Lorentz Transformations: The applet Lorentz transformation illustrates elementary facts of special theory of relativity. It allows the discussion of major relativistic effects such as relativity of simultaneity, time dilatation and length contraction.
  • An Example of Time Dilation: Similar to the twin paradox, this space travel simulation should give you a better understanding of time dilation given by Lorentz transformations.
  • Space and Time in Special Relativity: This site uses devices that utilize photons to measure time differences (some kind of clock). The frame of reference can be changed.
  • The Light Cone a tutorial on relativity. See the java simulation on the Twin Paradox and on Visualizing Proper Time in Special Relativity at the same site.